Car Free Day

Car Free Day - Streets For Everyone

Young riders will feel safe riding their bikes on Commercial Drive once they have a protected bike lane to do it in

After months of behind the scenes work we officially launched our Commercial Drive Campaign during June 15th’s Car Free Day. Thanks to the organizers of Car Free Day on Commercial Drive, we were able to build a 50 meter installation which demonstrated some key design improvements that will make Commercial Drive a more vibrant, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable street.

The main improvements we are advocating for include:

  • widened side walks
  • all-ages-and-abilities bike lanes
  • better transit and transit shelters
  • better pedestrian crossings and more marked or signalized crosswalks
  • more benches and other street furniture
  • improved landscaping

We had expected our campaign would be well-received, but we were blown away by how supportive, excited, and happy hundreds of community members were that we are doing this work.

Despite the rain, we had about 900 people sign our petition on Car Free Day. In total, we now have about 1200 official supporters of a better Commercial Drive. Not bad for a campaign that was officially launched less than a week ago! 😉

Throughout the day we had people rushing up to our installation exclaiming,”where’s your petition, let me sign it!” It was truly gratifying and exciting to know that our work is so appreciated by our community and that people are already telling their friends about it.

One of the reasons we founded this organization was to shine a spotlight on how much support there is for better, more inclusive, and more environmentally sustainable streets in Vancouver.

Our launch at Car Free Day was a huge success and clearly demonstrated that there is a is a big desire from people of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds for streets that are designed for all users.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the campaign and to hear about all of the other exciting things we have planned for the summer and beyond.

We would like to thank Kickstand, Greenscape, Modo, and the Vancouver Foundation for donations and funding and our volunteers for their hard work and dedication.

Streets For Everyone Car Free Day Installation

A few of Streets For Everyone’s Volunteers

Streets For Everyone Car Free Day Installation

Hundreds of people signed out petition!


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