City of Vancouver Releases Commercial Drive Intercept Survey Results

Click here to view them:

Some highlights:

  • Over 80% of people surveyed on Commercial Drive sidewalks arrived on foot, bike, or transit (11% biked and 44% walked)
  • People walking, cycling, or taking transit visit businesses or services more frequently
  • 44% of Commercial Drive visitors are from within Grandview-Woodland; another 16%  are from the immediately surrounding areas
  • Half of all people in the area cycle regularly in good or fair weather, and 60% would like to cycle more often
  • About two-thirds of people visiting have never cycled on Commercial Drive, with safety concerns and not having a bike being the largest barriers cited
  • Only 14% of people would feel comfortable cycling with a small child on Commercial Drive today
  • Of those who drove, only 33% used metered parking The Drive
  • Only 11% found it somewhat difficult or very difficult (4%) to find parking

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