Streets For EveryoneStreets For Everyone is a diverse group of community members that  believe our streets should be designed with everyone in mind. We advocate for the transformation of our streets into safe, inclusive, economically thriving, and socially vibrant public spaces. Our goal is to build support for improvements that make streets more vibrant and that enable people of all ages, abilities, and income levels to choose sustainable transportation options (such as walking, cycling, and transit) because they are safe, convenient, and attractive.

We are lucky to have such a talented, creative,  and growing team of individuals dedicated to working on this cause. The various professional skills in the group have enabled Streets For Everyone to create and implement a robust campaign strategy, collaborate with the business community, and build a positive relationship with the City of Vancouver.

Vancouver has a real need for on-the-ground outreach in our communities and with local businesses to make the case for better street designs. This is essential because of the degree to which transportation investments in Vancouver have become mired in political and, largely, artificial conflict. Vocal opponents of sustainable transportation investments often make claims in the media that are inconsistent with research, such as that bike lanes cause congestion or are bad for business.

Many people in Vancouver are unaware of the multi-faceted benefits of infrastructure investments that encourage walking, cycling, and transit. Vocal opposition to various active transportation projects has created a political climate that discourages Vancouver’s politicians from making further investments in streets designed for everyone.

Streets For Everyone is dedicated to reframing the conversation about streetspace to one that is positive, optimistic,  and grounded in research on social, environmental, and economic realities so that more streets can be redesigned with all users in mind.