Our supporters


Thank you to our partners and collaborators at the British Columbia Cycling Coalition and to our friends at MEC and the Real Estate Foundation for their generous support for our work.


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Thanks as well to Britannia and KickStand for the space for our meetings
and to the Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Small Grants program for funding our cargo bike!

Just some of our awesome business supporters. Please support our supporters!

“The Storm Crow Tavern supports bike lanes on Commercial Drive because so many of our customers and friends in the neighbourhood use bicycles as their main mode of transportation and because riding is a safer, healthier, and more environmentally sustainable alternative to automobiles. The biggest celebrations of Commercial Drive every year are Italian Days and Car-Free Day. It’s no coincidence that these celebrations are huge successes for the neighbourhood and the businesses on the Drive because there’s no cars present and people can walk at their own pace soaking in the amazing culture. It seems counter-intuitive to me to argue against bike lanes while simultaneously praising Italian Days/Car-Free Day. Commercial Drive is a progressive-minded neighbourhood, bike lanes are a progressive idea. Let’s do it.” – Sean Cranburg, General Manager, The Storm Crow Tavern

The owner of Renzo’s Coffee at Commercial and Charles Street, Andre Montagliani, wrote to the Vancouver Courier saying that he “would like to make [his] support clear for Streets For Everyone’s proposed improvements”, calling traffic “loud, dangerous and, at times, unpleasant”. “I am pleased that Streets For Everyone has put forward a proposal that would make the street more safe, attractive and accessible to all residents, shoppers and visitors”, he continued. (Source)

“I think [businesses] would be crazy not to do it. I think that’s a super smart move, just in terms of the number of bikes you can get in a car parking spot. We can have up to 20 bikes there.” — John Neate owner of the JJ Bean Coffee Roasters commenting on the Commercial Drive bicycle parking corral. (Source)

If you would like to add your business to our list of supporters, please send us an email at info@streetsforeveryone.org!