City of Vancouver Releases Commercial Drive Intercept Survey Results

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Some highlights:

  • Over 80% of people surveyed on Commercial Drive sidewalks arrived on foot, bike, or transit (11% biked and 44% walked)
  • People walking, cycling, or taking transit visit businesses or services more frequently
  • 44% of Commercial Drive visitors are from within Grandview-Woodland; another 16%  are from the immediately surrounding areas
  • Half of all people in the area cycle regularly in good or fair weather, and 60% would like to cycle more often
  • About two-thirds of people visiting have never cycled on Commercial Drive, with safety concerns and not having a bike being the largest barriers cited
  • Only 14% of people would feel comfortable cycling with a small child on Commercial Drive today
  • Of those who drove, only 33% used metered parking The Drive
  • Only 11% found it somewhat difficult or very difficult (4%) to find parking

November 2015 newsletter

Happy Autumn From the Streets For Everyone team!

The Streets For Everyone team wants to support other communities where folks are interested in organizing around street improvements. Do you live around Main Street, Kingsway, or another street and want it to look more like a Street For Everyone? We want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Email us at and let us know what you’re thinking.

Update on the Grandview Woodland Community Plan

As you may remember from our last update, thanks to the input of many members from the Grandview Woodland community, the Citizens Assembly on the Grandview Woodland Community Plan recommended all components of the Streets For Everyone Commercial Drive Proposal in their final report to City Council.  This was a big step in moving a more inclusive, less car-centric vision for Commercial Drive forward.

The planning team at the City of Vancouver is still working on a formal response to the Citizens Assembly recommendations and is currently working on a draft Community Plan that will take the recommendations from the Citizens Assembly sub-area workshops into one document.

The draft plan will likely be publicly released early this winter at which point it will be open to public input. We’ll keep you in the loop as we hear more.

Let council know you want to see forward movement on Commercial Drive

Now that it’s been a couple of months since the Grandview Woodland Citizen’s Assembly report was released, we recommend writing Mayor and Council a personal letter letting them know that you want to see city staff move forward on the work necessary  so that Commercial Drive better suits the diverse needs of its community in the short term.

Without action from Council directing staff to begin the consultation and design work concurrent with other work on the Grandview Woodland Community Plan, it could be many years before anything happens.

The City of Vancouver has a great starting point with the SFE Commercial Drive proposal but they still have design and consultation work to do in order to ensure the best options are chosen. Doing this work concurrently with the finalization of the Community Plan will help Commercial Drive’s much needed updates happen soon after the Grandview Woodland Community Plan is finalized.

Honest letters to our elected leaders can go a long way. Email or better yet write each councillor individually.

Want to be the Streets For Everyone Website Coordinator?

You may have noticed that the Streets For Everyone website is very outdated. We are looking for a web-savvy volunteer who can improve the SFE website and keep it updated on a regular basis. If you’re interested, email Alex at and let him know you want to get involved.

Our community partners at Kickstand are having their big annual fundraiser party this upcoming Saturday, November 14th. Come on down and support this amazing volunteer-run space.

The next Streets For Everyone meeting will be on Monday, November 16th from 7:00pm-9:00pm in the back of Kickstand community bike shop on the corner of Commercial Drive and Venables at 1739 Venables in the basement. If you want to get involved, come on down!