Commercial Drive Proposal

A public space that works for everyone in our community

Our goal is to make Commercial Drive a street that works for everyone. The core changes we are aiming for include widened sidewalks, better transit and transit shelters, separated bike lanes, better pedestrian crossings and more marked or signalized crosswalks, more street furniture, and more landscaping.

These changes will set a precedent for the rest of Vancouver by providing a local demonstration of how progressive street design bolsters the local business environment and makes a street more equitable, vibrant and attractive.

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Why Commercial Drive?

  • Over 50% of the people in the surrounding neighbourhood (Grandview-Woodland) use transit, cycle, or walk to work (2006 census, Statistics Canada)
  • Over 15% of people in the neighbourhood use bicycles as a main mode of transportation (2011 National Household Survey)
  • These users are dramatically underserved by the current car-centric design of the street. In particular, bicycle users have no designated space on the street and are often forced to navigate around buses, parking cars, and high speed traffic. In addition to that, Commercial Drive’s sidewalks are unable to accommodate the high number of pedestrians, which leads to human traffic jams at choke points along the street.

By reaching out to and working with a diverse range of stakeholders in the community and at the city, Streets For Everyone seeks to demonstrate that streets designed for everyone are a win for everyone: businesses, residents, visitors, etc.

Check out some of the design possibilities that we’ve highlighted below in our draft renderings. *Please note that these renderings are NOT our final recommendations and that we appreciate and consider all feedback on our proposed plan*

A parking protected cycle track

car parking

Our plan leaves parking intact on both sides of the street, reallocating under-utlized car travel lanes to pedestrian, cycling, and public realm improvements


Birds eye view


Dutch-inspired intersection

bus stop

Protruding bus stop increases speed of bus flow and leaves more space on the sidewalk for pedestrians


Dutch style intersections makes intersections safer and more intuitive for all modes, including cars


possible street-seating concept

bike parking

Bike parking

Parking protected bike lane on Union St.

Parking protected bike lane on Union St.

  *Please note that these renderings are NOT final and that we appreciate and consider all feedback on our proposed plan*