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Streets For Everyone Volunteers

We have lots of work to do including but not limited to collecting petition signatures, coordinating events, data entry, designing flyers, running our social media, writing articles, making day-to-day decisions, and putting up posters. If you want to help in any way please sign up to our Streets For Everyone Volunteer Google Group where we announce meetings and volunteer opportunities and have occasional discussions.

Attend our monthly meeting

Come help steer our community coalition and help us grow and reach out. Bring your ideas! Contact us or follow us on Facebook to know when and where to be. Once a month, typically a Monday evening at 7pm near Commercial and Venables.

Write to City Council

The most effective thing you can do to help mount pressure for change is to write a personal, hard-hitting letter or email to City Council, the Mayor, and City planning staff. Unlike other campaigns, we choose not to provide you with a template email to copy-and-paste. From our experience and communications with City Hall, we know there’s far more impact to be had by writing your own letter, even if it’s short and to the point. Tell your city what you expect of it!

City Council contact information: here. The Mayor’s contact information can be found here.

Read more about the Grandview-Woodland planning process here. Contact information for the area planners is on the right-hand column. Their email address is:

Sign up for the newsletter

If you would like to receive emails from us with updates on our initiatives, meeting announcements, events, and volunteer opportunities,  please sign up for the newsletter.

Be an Internet advocate

Spread the word, share content and ideas, write emails to politicians, planners, and newspapers. If you’re a cyclist, a great mapping tool is, developed open-source locally in Victoria and Vancouver! We can use it to collectively pool our more negative cycling experiences in the hopes of making planners and policy makers do something about dangerous or risky bike routes. You can read more about it in the Georgia Straight and the North Shore News.

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