Why are streets for everyone important to you?

My favorite streets are ones designed for their real users – ones which aren’t compromised by lack of thought, ambition, or understanding. The design of streets isn’t hard, every issue has been solved, somewhere, if you care to look – and my favorite streets are these ones. Vancouver doesn’t really look, doesn’t really copy completely, and doesn’t really seem to try to understand why doing neither of those well isn’t good enough, and at times actually makes things worse. It is worse to have an expensive panacea which is faulty then nothing at all.

                             – Ian, Olympic Village (December 2015)


Streets for everyone are important because they’re walkable, more convenient, easier to get around using a variety of means of transport, less polluting (in terms of emissions), more diverse in terms of business ownership / organizations, healthier (because they promote activity, greater accessibility, and cleaner air), modern, more colourful and more memorable… and more FUN.

With its already high rate of active transport, Commercial Drive is the perfect candidate for a state-of-the-art bike lane… and Main Street needs serious help in this department. Its so-called “sharrows” — fading and ignored by all vehicles — are just a standing invitation for cyclists to get doored. Once Commercial Drive is brought into the current century with bike lanes, I hope Main Street is next.

                             – Larissa, Riley Park/Little Mountain (February 2016)

We’d like to hear from you! This is a grassroots campaign that wants to reflect as much input as it can. We’d like to hear:

  1. Why are streets for everyone (or complete streets … streets that don’t only privilege cars, but include functional space for pedestrians, bikes, and/or transit) important to you?
  2. What are your favourite streets in the world and why are they so great? Maybe you’ve travelled and seen some amazing streets that you loved. What made them so memorable and great?
  3. Thus far we’ve done a lot of work around Commercial Drive, but what else do we need to do?